Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Genki Girl

They are hyper active, crazy, and have enough energy in them to power a third world country. These girls are always on the move and bray take a moment to stop and smell the flowers. The idea of walking seem to be new to them as they are always running to do something or just cause trouble for the people around them. There is rarely anything that can rain on their parade and thus their confidence is never ending.

They are the Genki Girls!

To tell the truth, the Genki Girl character type isn't that bad. They are actually normal in a way and most of them have a good head on their shoulders. Most Genki Girls I have seen in animes haven't given me any problems. They are a bit forceful and bossy which could reflect a lot of real life girls in a way.

Take Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) for instance. The girl never stops moving and has an air of confidence in her. She may cause trouble for everybody she knows but the girl doesn't mean any harm by it. In reality she may be a good person to look up to for most women and young girls. Haruhi is  confident in what she does. The girl basically started up a club to welcome the paranormal even though there is no support that aliens, time travelers or espers actually exist. How many people can be confident enough to do something like that? She just grabbed the idea and literally ran with it. Haruhi isn't scared to go out to the middle of a school ground wearing only a playboy bunny girl outfit just to past out fliers. That is how confident she is. May it be trying to solve a murder mystery or getting funding for a movie. This girl isn't going to let anything bring her down.
"You're speaking of women and yes. It's a fact that most women suffer from some lack of confidence that starts early on compared to men who have the problem of being over confident in themselves. Not that all men and women fall under this of course."
-Jennifer M. 
Girls tend to lack  confidence compare to boys. This seems to involve gender roles where little boys are kind of force to do things on their own. They then build up confidence in doing things which tend to make them over confident sometimes as mention by Jennifer. While young girls are usually helped by an older adult as in a parent to do things. There is also the fact that even as girls age, they are being judged by their fellow peers based on their looks and the fear of 'not being good enough'. This constant worry can take a toll on a person's mind and if a person's confidence was low enough before. Then it could take a hit if somebody tells them that they don't look good. Haruhi here display confidence that most girls are in need for (and maybe guys too).

Still there is always the flip side where the Genki character can be used for bad. Take Minori from Toradora. The girl is so happy and hyper that it can be kind of annoying. She can push a person's tolerance level for this character type to the limit. This could be myself not liking Minori because she is a good character in the show but as a person, I don't think I would like to meet her. She can be overly happy and hyper to the point that you can maybe tell that it is an act. Nothing worse then seeing somebody fake being happy. Then the face that she is happy and hyper ninety-five percent of the time can be annoying to see.

Then we have Misa (Death Note) who has a bit of Genki in her but she can also overlap as in the 'clingy girlfriend' and other things to make her a bit creepy.

Still Genki Girls tend to get some character development so that is prove that they aren't just cast to the side. Both Minori and Haruhi go though some sort of character development in their respected series and you get to see them grow a bit as a person. It may also help that Haruhi is the main character in her show.

Overall, Genki Girls aren't bad characters. They can be kind of annoying but as in pushing the women's rights movement back a few decades then I think they haven't done that. If anything their confidence can rub off other people and maybe make them think that certain things are possible. I could be a bit optimistic here but then again these girls are nothing but confident and optimistic.


  1. I know what you mean about Genki girls having the tendency of being annoying and can put up a facade in times of sadness so you can't tell what they're really feeling. The lack of confidence situation is very true. Even myself, I still lack confidence in some of the stuff I do. As of now, I am slowly breaking out of my comfort zone and doing things that involve me getting up in front of people, such as singing and acting in front of a crowd or doing a skit or walk-on at a cosplay contest. As I get used to getting out there, my shyness is going away bit by bit. However, when it comes to decisions on things, that still needs work on my part since I tend to go back and forth a lot, not being able to make up my mind. X<

  2. Whoever said that confidence was hot knew what they were talking about. I love "genki girls" both in anime and real life.

  3. Haruhi is really the first girl you'd think of if asked for a Genki Gal. She does have a little something backing her up though.

    Minori I haven't seen in action, I really should get around to watch that anime.

    Both of these come from similar genres though, am I right? I'd be healthy to see if the same stereotype differs if it's placed in a different position.
    Take Arisa from Stellvia of the Universe. She is more or less a Genki Gal, but instead of being an overrepresented presence she is just an important part of that clique.

  4. @Elfa
    Yeah...And now I realize that I only seen this type of character in this environment. I guess I should try to look up some other animes or something one day with this character type that isn't Slice of Life.

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