Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Female Warriors of the 80′s.

Warriors of the 80's they fought aliens, the fought against werewolves, vampires, giant robots and even in post-apocalyptic times. The 80's also produced a lot of strong female warriors, they where able to hold up their own against their male counterparts. Fighting for humanity, fighting for love or even fighting for friendship.

The first warrior female from the 80's is Noriko Takaya, a young mecha pilot who's only dream is to make it to space and fulfill her wish to join her father in space. Emotionally torn and slightly unstable, she is our only hope against giant insect like creatures from space. That's the basic plot for Aim for the Top! Gunbuster, a series directed by NeoGenesis Evangelion famed Hideaki Anno. While watching the series you can tell how some of the characters are sort of prototypes of NeoGenesis Evangelion, Noriko at times being emotionally crippled in fighting. similar to Shinji the main character in Evangelion. even thou at the end of the series Noriko manages to save the world and destroys the threat to humanity.

Noriko needed the Gunbuster to fight aliens, our next Female Warrior took on the aliens bare handed as one of the strongest female on earth. Project A-ko takes place in Graviton City. Eiko Magami(A-ko) is a normal anime girl, she enjoys to eat, is always very cheerful and enjoys to oversleep on school days, but this fiery redhead has a temper and happens to be one of the strongest persons on earth. When a race of Amazon like aliens attack Graviton City its up to her and B-ko to save their companion C-ko from these testosterone filled female aliens.

Our next pair of female warriors is the Lovely Pair, otherwise known as the Dirty Pair, a couple of "Trouble Consultants" who always get their man, no matter how much damage they leave behind. The pair consist for Yuri and Kei. Kei is the tomboy of the couple, preferring to fight with guns and is more inclined to be more straight forward then her partner Yuri. In my opinion she seems to cause the most trouble out of the two. Yuri, is more ladylike, wearing dresses and reading gossip magazines, But she also has a temper especially when the two are called "Dirty Pair". They are called the Dirty Pair by general public due the fact that where ever they go, they bring full destruction of the area. lucky for them their corporation manages to clear everything up by the end of the episode.

Our final group of warrior females are none other then the Knight Sabers from the series Bubblegum Crisis. Bubblegum Crisis is a set of 6 OAVs that take place in the future (2032). After a huge earthquake, Tokyo is rebuild with the help of Boomer, androids created by the megacorporation Genom, when the Boomers go rouge it is the job of the AD Police to defeat them. of course when the police fail to do their jobs a vigilante group of females in cybernetic battle suits take over, they are the Knight sabers. A group of 4 girls each with their own agenda and their own reason for joining the Knight Sabers.

The leader Sylia Stingray, is also the creator of the Knight Sabers with the help and data of her deceased father, she fights rouge boomers as she tries to unearth the reason why they have gone rouge and to bring down Genom.

Priss Asagiri A rock star/biker girl who hates the AD Police and belives that she does a way better job then they would ever do. The rebel of the group she is also the first and what seems the strongest of the group. her morals and her desire to protect the innocent from a faceless corporation keeps her fighting alongside the other Knight Saber.

The last two members are probably also the most generic of the group. First Nene Romanova, the computer geek of the group and also an inside man for the AD Police. she enjoys snacks but hates to exercise, she always gets mocked by Priss and Linna Yamazaki, Linna is an aerobics instructor, initially it is really not known why Linna joined the Knight Sabers but later in the series she fights the Genom corporation after her friend is killed by their cyborgs.

Though a small sample of warrior women from the 80s, I'm hoping that many of you newer anime fans will give the older series a chance and check them out. The group described above is just some of the TV shows that I have noticed where women play a strong role in anime mainly directed towards men. They could also be classified as Bad Ass Sex Objects all revealing much skin through out their respective series and OVA.


  1. I only know of Noriko since I decided to watch Gunbuster before watching Diebuster. All of the other characters came and went long before I got into anime.

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